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Torchwood: Miracle Day “The Blood Line” Review

Posted by emmahyam on September 15, 2011

So this is it people, the final episode of the “Miracle Day” saga is upon us. Will all our questions be answered? Will any of it make the slightest bit of sense? Who will survive and what will be left of them? Will Emma have an acute RTD-induced Myocardial infarction whilst watching?

Well, I managed not to have a heart attack (just) but RTD didn’t half do his best to make me give up out of sheer frustration, at this point in the show the story should be accelerating to a huge climax, it should be breathlessly action packed and exciting but this episode seemed content to stick with the new Torchwood formula of endless chit-chat interspersed with the occasional explosion. The info-dump reveal of the true nature of “The Blessing” and the reason why the Families bothered with this at all felt so underwhelming I almost shouted “is that it?!”  at the TV. The other problem comes when you think about the plot for more than 10 seconds and realise that its got holes you could drive a tank through, lets just pluck one out of the air at random. Jack being alive is a problem because his mortal blood is the only thing that can reset The Blessing back to “mortal” setting. The Families have people everywhere, see the apparent ease with which they get a suicide bomber into that Brazilian special forces unit, why didn’t they just assassinate him any of the least half dozen times Jack parades around in the open, unprotected?

As if plotting idiocy wasn’t enough RTD then commits his greatest crime of the whole sorry affair, the utterly needless, pointless death of Esther. I mean other than deny the audience a “happy ending” what was the point of killing off the only character that had any sort of depth, likability, compassion and heart? Well, its not Torchwood unless we’re murdering its members left and right is it? It felt to me that RTD just felt that Torchwood’s victory over The Families lacked shock value and so duly killed off the best character in the show by miles. Also it seems RTD has told the audience a bit of a porkie in saying that Miracle Day would be an entirely self contained story as the seeds were sown for a possible series 5, but a series 5 not only without the lovely Esther but an immortal Rex? I shudder to think.

As the credits rolled I was left with the feeling that every possible character and plot point was given the least satisfying conclusion RTD  could think of. Best character killed off, most annoying character granted immortal life, Gwen’s Dad dies peacefully after everyone gives up on him, Jilly gets away with it basically scott free, Oswald Danes still the worlds most gleeful pedophile and The Families abide to continue on with “Plan B”. My mind is also drawn to the sheer volume of plot threads that were in the earlier episodes that came to absolutely nothing. The Soulless, The 45 Club, Oswald Dane’s use as a spokesman was left unexplained, “Dead Is Dead” and Category Zero.

To sum up, for me “Miracle Day” has been nothing short of a colossal disappointment, fundamentally the concept behind “Miracle Day” was a solid one however dumb plotting, impossibly stupid logic, awful characterization and endless padding combined to turn Torchwood from an enjoyably shonky UK sci-fi show into a crass, insultingly moronic “24” rip-off actioner utterly devoid of  wit, charm or intelligence.


One Response to “Torchwood: Miracle Day “The Blood Line” Review”

  1. This season was so disappointing that part of me wishes that the show would die a merciful death.

    But if it doesn’t, here are my 5 wishes for any future series:

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