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Doctor Who: “Lets Kill Hitler” Review

Posted by emmahyam on August 27, 2011


The Doctor is back, and its about bloody time! Yes ladies and gents the second half of Doctor Who series six is up and running and what an absolutely cracking opening show this was.

Its hard to know what to discuss first with this episode, my immediate reaction on twitter was “absolutely batshit, absolutely marvellous”, and really thats Doctor Who in a nutshell theses days, after all the artificial media ho-ha in this country about Hitler being the focus of this episode he was actually a massive McGuffin, only getting a couple of lines before being lamped by Rory and stuck in cupboard! Lets just review some of the madness of this episode, Rory punches out two people, River holds up the Doctor with a banana and Rory and Amy end up being miniaturised and beamed into the robot body of a time traveling  war-criminal punishment unit. You would think that all this bonkers stuff would make the episode confusing and disjointed whereas it felt to me exactly the opposite, it was a marvellous demented roller coater ride of fun and really satisfying revelations.

It also confirms my suspicion that Steven Moffat truly only lives to mess with heads on an industrial scale, poor old Rory and Amy find out their tearaway childhood friend is not only their daughter but they named their daughter… after their daughter. Let that sink in for a second. We also see the true origin of River Song, she receives the blue “spoilers” book , she begins to study archeology and most importantly shes used up all her remaining regenerations. I wonder if this will be used as a handy get out clause come the Doctors 13th regeneration? The true purpose and nature of The Silence is revealed and it isn’t what we thought at all with an ultimate plan ripped right out of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy playbook.

Despite my enjoyment I do have a couple of criticisms, I do hope Amy and Rory aren’t now suddenly over the abduction of their child, yes they effectively “raised” her while children themselves but surely they’ll still want to rescue her from a lifetime of brainwashing? Also this episode suffered a little from being after this long break, I think it might have had more impact by being shown immediately after “A Good Man Goes To War” as this episode helps to smooths out a story that seemed like it was starting to get away from even the mighty Moffat.

Overall though, astonishingly brilliantly acted by all involved, beautifully produced, bonkers plotting and wicked fun. A great return for the Doctor, I’ve found this review as hard to write as any for Torchwood for the exact opposite reasons, where Torchwood is so bad and dull it defies description, this was so so breathlessly excellent that my description doesn’t really do it justice. So to sum up my Doctor Who mates have a saying; “In Moff We Trust” and dear reader hes rewarded our trust with this one, but remember what he had the Doctor remind us right at the end, that The Doctor Always Lies… I think we’ve got a hell of ride in store…



One Response to “Doctor Who: “Lets Kill Hitler” Review”

  1. Wonderful review!!! My 18 year old sister, who has not watched it since Tennant’s last episode was sat with me watching this and it took some explaining… she too came to the conclusion that Moffat is messing with us… in the best possible way! I for one cannot wait for more! Also… the fact that Melody practically got her parents together might just be the ultimate mind fuck. And I was a bit miffed about the Hitchhikers thing, but this is Who, I’m going to see where this goes.

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