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Torchwood: Miracle Day “Immortal Sins” Review

Posted by emmahyam on August 25, 2011


Welcome gentle readers to Torchwood episode seven “Immortal Sins”, we are now three quarters of the way through the “Miracle Day” saga, so what have we discovered?

Well, I’ll tell you what I discovered friends, its that Torchwood may be one of the most profoundly annoying television shows ever produced. This was by far the best episode of “Miracle Day” to date, it was beautifully acted, very nicely shot, the social proclivities of the 1920’s were explored in a decent manner, but on the other hand…

My worst fears for this show  are being slowly realised. The whole “miracle” is nothing more than elaborate farce constructed to get to Jack, Gwen is one of the most unpleasant “heroes” ever put on television as she screeches and whinges through another episode, we’re presented with yet another episode that rehashes stuff we know from previous series. The amount of punishment Jack can take? Yep, saw that beautifully showcased in “Fragments”, Jack seducing a young man who is “different” and he really actually loves honest guv? I refer the reader to the case of the late Ianto Jones and the episode “Captain Jack Harkness”. Gwen rebelling against Jack and all that “I love you but I’ll kill and eat you”, go check out “End Of Days”. Oswald Danes only emphasizes his pointlessness with his second week of absence, Rex and Esther arrive to save the day via an oh so convenient laptop bloop, the video of the death of Vera is making about as much impact as a fart in a hurricane, The Ghost Of Nana Visitor turned up of 3 minutes and I bet thats the last we see of her.  The Doctor Who references felt shoe horned in to please long time viewers,

When those gang boss guys made a triangle with their arms my other half said too me “ooo look, its like that triangle symbol from before” my response, “I don’t care”, and at this point I just don’t anymore, despite all the good things this episode did and how much it felt more like the Torchwood of old, everything that has gone before has destroyed the significance of this show. The story of Miracle Day just does not work, not even a tiny bit, and trying to stick it together with the duct tape of this episode just highlights the cracks, where “Children of Earth” was a breathless race to the finish, “Miracle Day” is limping zombie, shambling in circles.


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