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A Multi-Doctor Special? Here We Go Again…

Posted by emmahyam on December 6, 2010

Sylvester McCoy has been recently telling anyone who will listen that he’d love to be in a multi-doctor special for the shows 50th anniversary in 2013. According to a recent “what do you want to see in the new series of Doctor Who” poll conducted by SFX Magazine, the thing fans want above all others is a multi doctor special…

Let me tell you why THIS Doctor Who fan wants nothing of the sort, and why it will never happen anyway.

Firstly, why don’t I want to see a multi-doctor special? Answer – because it will suck ass, we’ve had multi doctor adventures in the past, most notably The Five Doctors. Now I know this story is well-regarded by some but let’s be honest even the title of the episode is a lie! It contains 3 doctors, one lookalike and a waxwork where Tom Baker should be.

The 5 Doctors is in my opinion probably one of the worst acted stories in the history of the classic series, lest we forget the epic “NO…NOTTHEMINDPROBE” and “A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about”. The plot also makes little to no sense, case in point the utterly baffling scene where The Master shows the “First Doctor” and Tegan the way across the electrified chess board on the floor. The Master crows “its easy as pi!” and jumps across the board totally at random, touching several squares at once. The “First Doctor” then talks rubbish about how using the mathematical formulae of Pi can show the safe path across the board then THEY proceed to jump randomly across the board… But I will admit The Raston Warrior Robot is really cool.

Secondly – why this won’t happen, lets examine the evidence…

1 – Unfortunately, three Doctors have passed away in the intervening years. McCoy has suggested using quote “all the technology” unquote to CGI them into an episode. I suppose this is possible if you’re making ‘Tron: Legacy’ so you need Jeff Bridges to look 30 years younger and you’ve got a $150 million budget to do it. Doctor Who even today has no such thing, not going to happen Sylv. Current Who is made for a budget of roughly 13 million pounds… for 14 episodes!

2 – I am pretty sure Doctors 4-6 wouldn’t have anything to do with it, Tom Baker is in his 80’s and to put it delicately the intervening years have not been kind to Peter or Colin (as anyone who saw Time Crash will attest). Also the budgetary concerns are a factor, getting ANY of the doctors 4-6 would probably gut the budget. Another problem is best expressed by Sylvester “All those egos in the same room would be very difficult to deal with”. No kidding, there’s a reason why Tom Baker refused to appear in ‘The Five Doctors’…

3 – So we’re left with Doctor 7 as the sole representative from the classic era. He wants to do it, he doesn’t look confusingly old… problems is, he’ll probably still be filming The Hobbit prequels come 2013!

4 – Now we’re on to Doctor 8, no way in hell would Paul McGann be in this, he seems fully on board with Big Finish productions and pops up at the odd convention but re-appear in the show? Never in my opinion.

5 – Finally the 21st century Doctors, Christopher Eccleston is a total no-go, after the way his leaving the show was handled by the BBC, I can’t foresee him wanting to go back, even with a whole new production team. A more viable prospect is David Tennant, he still loves the show and left on good terms. Will Matt Smith still be The Doctor come 2013? Who knows, I sure hope so…

So in conclusion out of 11 Doctors you’ve only got a realistic chance of getting 3 of them to be in it. Would I want to see a Seven/Ten/Eleven Doctor Special? Oh hells no! Also I can’t see the BBC getting behind this proposal somehow…

Fellow Doctor Who fans please see the light! THIS WOULD BE TERRIBLE, we don’t need a multi-doctor special for the 50th anniversary! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a huge, brilliant, budget busting spectacular, followed by a devoted theme day on BBC One rather than the knackered multi-doctor concept?

None of us deserve another Five Doctors now do we?


5 Responses to “A Multi-Doctor Special? Here We Go Again…”

  1. Jacob said

    The only way I’d like to see old doctors come back is if they were to tell the story of the Time War with McGann returning for it, possibly framed by the current Doctor.

    I hope at some point they use that as a movie idea as a movie budget may be the only way to do the scale of the Time War justice.

    I don’t hold out much hope though.

  2. Amy said

    Well said! HERE HERE!

  3. Lord Zupka said

    I just watched ‘The Five Doctors’….and I kinda liked it. Now, weather or not choosing this as my second foray into Whodom was wise choice I don’t know. One of the things that bugged me was the severe shortage of Tom Baker. After ‘Robot’, I really took to him.

    One thing I really liked about it was it gave me exposure to other Doctor’s. Seeing the 1st-3rd in once place too helped me decide which (if any) of their series I would watch. I also like the over the top 80s… cheese of it. After watching it, I think I will go back, and watch some of the 1st and 3rd Doctors. Unless I am warned off of either one of those by the experts of course. 🙂

  4. The Doctor said

    I reckon they shouldn’t have a movie, but something sort of like “Trial of a Timelord” and it be multi episode. If they somehow suceed in getting the likes of Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston,Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Tom Baker(of which chances aren’t to good) and three people for the first, second, and third doctors, It shoud be called something like
    “When Incarnations Meet…” or somethin ’cause it sounds all rubbishy calling it
    “The Eleven Doctors”.

  5. Donna said

    I agree, ’cause “The Eleven Doctors” is to original to “The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors.” Plus what’s annoying is that Big Finish Productions have made “The Four Doctors, The One Doctor, The Eight Doctors” and so on and so forth. They even got so desperate to find a name, that Big Finish had to use one of their own again! W.T.F?

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