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Silly season fun and games

Posted by emmahyam on September 12, 2010

Steven Moffat has announced that the normal series structure of 13 episodes a season will be split into two chunks, Series 6 in Spring, Series 7 in the Autumn, now the news that had been long rumoured is out in the public domain the UK press is desperately trying to get the scoop on what the promised “huge plot twist” will be.

Something Doctor Who fans have always had to deal with in the UK is outrageous and derogatory headlines from the tabloid press, this year the obsession was the non-existent “ratings crisis” that series 5 suffered (in actuality the ratings for the series were in line with previous years and three David Tennant stories had lower viewing figures) check out this gem from The Sun (click on all the pictures to make them bigger):

The Sun and other tabloids also have a nasty habit of digging around forums looking for negative comments to print as “news”, the previous 99 comments on the forum were probably positive, and I found that to be the case after “The Big Bang”, not that you’d know it from the papers, this excerpt is taken from the same article as above:

What a bunch of lazy crap, the observant amongst you will note the telephone number on the page, yes you can ring virtually ANY story in to their entertainment “news” desk and have it published, and £200 is your reward, hence the infamous “Harriet Jones becomes a Dalek” article in 2008 (note how they cite ‘a source’, this means someone rang it in):

I once heard on the fan grapevine that some Outpost Gallifrey forum dwellers posted outrageous rumours to see if they ended up in The Sun, and lo and behold they did….

With the news of the mid season break, the tabloids are falling over themselves to be the first to reveal/spoil (depending on your outlook) the mid season cliffhanger, the first wild stab in the dark was that Amy Pond would be killed off:

Failing that, you could always bump off River Song:

What I really like about that Star article is that it makes two errors in the headline alone – River Song has NEVER been explicitly referred to as The Doctor’s wife, except when Amy asked The Doctor outright in “The Time of Angels” he did not answer the question. Also we’ve already seen River die! But I don’t expect a “journalist” from The Star to understand wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey stuff!

And of course, if you can’t make up something to do with the series, you can always interview someone who has nothing at all to do with the show and use their personal opinion as news:

I look forward to ever more demented made up rubbish from the UK tabloids as we approach the Christmas special and then the new series in 2011, meanwhile The Sun can always content itself with making up sexist nonsense about Karen Gillian and papping her mid-blink so she looks drunk:

Ain’t it marvelous? Sheesh.


One Response to “Silly season fun and games”

  1. Marius said

    Wow! I knew the Sun was bad, but they make the National Enquirer look positively respectable.

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